Saturday, 28 October 2017

Halloween Pillowcases

Create your own unique 
Trick or Treat Bag!

An easy and fun way to celebrate the Halloween season. 
Let your child explore creatively and make their very own "Spooktacular!" treat bag.

Materials: 1 pillowcase
               Halloween felt shapes
               Sharpie or Fabric markers
               Fabric paint
               Halloween stamps
               Cardboard cut slightly smaller than the  pillowcase

Create a "Boo-tiful" invitation at the table. We covered our table with an orange table cloth and a Halloween table runner to set the festive mood. Many thanks to our teaching partner Mrs. Reyner for providing these Halloween materials. Next place the art materials out for the children. 

I wrapped a tray in aluminum foil and placed the stamps on it for the children to access. Then I set out for each child an area to work at with their own stamp pad. Place a cardboard inside of each pillowcase so that it doesn't stick to the back while you are working. When you are finished creating it is important to remove the cardboard and set the pillowcase to dry flat.

Then we invited the children to design their own Halloween pillowcase. We began by choosing our felt pieces. Adhere the felt pieces using the fabric paint - just like you would use glue on a paper. Next the children used the stamps and ink and also drew on the pillowcase using the markers. Then details were added using the fabric paint. We offered gold, silver and glow-in-the-dark fabric paint. 

The children were very eager to decorate their pillowcases and created some fabulous designs! 

Make sure you watch the video at the end!

We hope we have inspired you to make your very own trick or treat pillowcase! 

Sticky fingers,
Tired feet;
One last house,
"Trick or Treat!"

Rusty Fischer

Wishing all our families a Happy Halloween and a Safe Night!