Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Third Educator - Languages of Learning

 - like children and everyone else - 
feel the need to grow in their competences; 
they want to transform experiences into thoughts, thoughts into reflections, 
the reflections into new thoughts 
and new actions."
Loris Mallaguzzi
Pg 48 The Hundred Languages of Children

I am so pleased to announce that today is the beginning of an exciting journey within my own learning as an educator. The inspirational Susan Wright from the blog and I have partnered together to bring you the Languages of Learning monograph. We hope that you will read, share, discuss and reflect on your own learning journey with us. We have created this monograph as a starting point and to share our passion for early years education. This monograph is for everyone who shares a desire to provide children with meaningful experiences and environments to learn. Whether you are a parent, early childhood educator or teacher we welcome your thoughts and reflections as we celebrate the "Languages of Learning!" We welcome you to share the monograph to your professional learning network and contact us for further information and possible collaborations/learning sessions. Wishing all educators a wonderful start to the school year.