Tuesday, 19 September 2017


When Art Meets Literature

"Creative people do not see things 
merely for what they are;
they see them for what they
can be."

Julie Israel

Photo Credit: KidArtLit

I have made so many wonderful connections over on my Instagram account with creative people who have a passion for the early years. Julia and Megan from KidArtLit curate a wonderful creative monthly box. Each box combines two of my favourite things. A wonderful picture book and a creative art experience. When my own two children were little one of our favourite times of the day was when we read before bedtime. Not only was this a wonderful way to support their literacy skills it also provided an opportunity to create a love of reading. I have a visual arts background and it was also important to me that my children experience creative opportunities beginning at an early age. We wanted to foster a love of art as the creative process leads to innovative thinking and problem solving. Two very important skills for their future. 

When we received the first KitArtLit box I knew we had something special. Each box contains a take and go activity, beautiful hardcover book, mini magazine with lots of creative discussion, and enough art supplies to complete the monthly art experience two times. I am happy to be a part of the KidArtLit affiliate team and share our experience with the box. You can click the link in my sidebar to order your own creative box. This month the fabulous ladies are giving away a three month subscription. You have until the end of September to add your name to the list. You can follow @KidArtLit over on Instagram too. They are always sharing creative ideas to support your own child's art and literacy journey. 

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Wishing you creativity always!

Supporting creativity and inspiring language development through art.

Spend quality time engaging your child in the creative process.

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Thank you KidArtLit!

Photo Credit: KidArtLit