Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Journey Through Lent

Our Lenten Activities
We began our Lenten journey on Ash Wednesday. Then each day during God's Time we grew in our faith as we experienced God's love through our bible stories and activities. The children sang about Zaccheus, celebrated the Last Supper with bread and grape juice and listened to the story of Jesus' journey to Good Friday. We learned a new song, "Hosanna" in celebration of Palm Sunday which was excitedly sung by all. To conclude Holy Week the children baked Lenten pretzels and listened to it's symbolism during the time of Lent. The pretzel shape is in the form of crossed arms to symbolize arms crossed in prayer from long ago times in our Christian faith. Wishing you all a very wonderful Easter today. Hope you enjoyed your time with your families.

Easter Sensory Bin

This past week we created an Easter sensory bin for the children to explore. Included were the felt number eggs from 1 to 20, hanging Easter baskets filled with coloured beans, plastic eggs and these cute little bunnies that were donated to me many years ago. The children enjoyed exploring the materials and filled the eggs with the beans, balanced the bunnies in the baskets and so much more. It was a hopping good time!

Easter Baskets
The children created unique Easter baskets using the bottom of a 2L plastic bottle. We taped the top of the bottle with coloured tape before the children began this activitiy. As well we used a hole punch to punch to holes for the handle to be attached. The children began by choosing a pipe cleaner and threading it with beads. Then we attached the handle through the holes punched in each side of the bottle. Next the children used Sharpies and stickers to decorate the outside of the basket. They we so creative adding their own unique touches with the markers. When they were finished we added Easter grass to the inside of the basket. 

Lenten Pretzels
We certainly enjoyed making these pretzels. Thanks to
Miss Virban who found the recipe and the Lenten pretzel story.