Monday, 30 March 2015

Dominoes Exploration

What makes it move?
The children had been exploring the concept of what makes things move through their play with the marbles. We gathered the children together and asked them if they could share what makes an object move. They had so many great ideas of how things move. Lily shared that she thought gravity made things move because it pulls things down. Then Makenna added that friction helps things move. Our discussion was rich with scientific vocabulary and the children readily contributed their ideas. It was a discussion that left me inspired. We also talked about how we can use "human power" our muscles to move an object or "generated power." Then we read the book: "Make it move" from the Scholastic Science series. After talking with the children we gave them an opportunity to explore with dominoes to further their thinking around how objects can be moved. They excitedly set the dominoes up and shared their discoveries on how to best arrange the dominoes with each other. Some of the children pushed the dominoes with their finger while others tried to blow the first domino down with their breath. Then they expressed their creative ideas through their play with the dominoes. I was amazed at the complexity of their designs.  The children continued their explorations during play block as well. We observed and documented their explorations with the dominoes for the next few weeks. Take a look at some of their wonderful designs which display their continued interest in how objects move and highlights their ability to work together when engineering designs with the dominoes and wooden blocks.
FDK Expectations
Personal and Social Development 2.3 demonstrate self-motivation, initiative and confidence in their approach to learning by selecting and completing learning tasks
Science and Technology Overall Expectation 2: conduct simple investigations through free exploration focused exploration, and guided activity, using inquiry skills (questioning, planning, predicting, observing, communicating)