Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Valentine's Day Activities

Celebrating Friendship and Love

The children participated in Valentine's Day activities last Friday. We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to the many parent and grandparent volunteers that helped us with our celebration. We are so delighted to have had such wonderful volunteers for each of our activity days. We hope that you know how much your assistance is appreciated. Here is a peak at some of the happenings from our morning together. Hoping you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day.
Yummy Love Bugs
Thank you to Miss Virban for finding this delicious treat.
The children built yummy love bugs out of marshmallows and candy.

Playdough Explorations

The children enjoyed working with the playdough and the tools at this
centre. We saw Valentine's snowmen and Valentine's pizza created.
They molded the dough exploring it's qualities with their hands and used
the rollers to create texture and patterns. 

Valentine Books

Some of my favourite Valentine's Day stories that I have
collected were shared with the children. They loved the
pop-up book titled: "Love Bugs."

Valentine Songs and Games

We celebrated with Mrs. Geff's J.K. and S.K. class.
Here the children particiapted in a Cupid singing
game on the carpet in her room.

Valentine Tic Tac Toe

Valentine Sensory Bin

The children were eager to explore the sensory bin. They helped
me to create this initial display in the bin. Then it was Valentine's Day
fun as they pulled and uses their sense of touch to explore the
various materials in the bin. The children filled the heart containers
with petals and mini erasers. They also scooped the mini erasers
with the measuring cups and then counted them. It was one of
their favourite activities from the morning.

Valentine's Day Cards

The children created their own unique Valentine's Day card
to give to someone they love. Teaching them to share and express
their feelings is an important aspect of our Full Day Learning
Kindergarten program. 

Valentine Crowns

The art studio was the quietest space during our Valentine's Day
Activities. Each child was so engaged in creating their crown.

Here are the children wearing their beautiful creations.