Saturday, 28 February 2015

Sharing Our Sensory Balloon Discoveries

Opening the Sensory Balloons

We presented the children with the sensory balloon provocation a few weeks ago. They displayed much interest in the balloons through their investigations and recording of ideas. This provocation was such a wonderful opportunity for the children to use their senses to discover what was inside of each balloon. Their language was rich with wonderings, hypotheses and they also developed reading and writing skills as they investigated. Please see the orginal blog post about the sensory balloons to read the children's initial explorations.

We gathered the children on the carpet to talk about their guesses for the sensory balloons. I asked them to share how they figured out what was inside of each balloon. Lily began our discussion. She said, "I thought the first balloon felt very squishy." Alexis shared, "I feeled the little puffies around the outside and could see from the outside that it was balls inside." Next to speak was Nico Q. he said, "I could feel the water because it was squishy when I touched it." The children continue to share how they determined what was inside of each balloon. Matthew described how he felt one of the balloons, "I was tapping the balloon with my finger and it was corn syrup." Makenna said, "The balloon was watery like corn syrup." Then Grace said, "I feeled them because they looked like coffee." Many of the children had guessed the coffee balloon by smelling it and then they would ask how to spell the word coffee when recording their guess. We continued our discussion and I asked the children to talk about their senses. First we labelled our senses by touching each part of our body that has a sense and saying it's name. Then Gianmarco summed up our ideas and said, "Your senses are your taste, ears, smell and touch. That's how I figured them out." Next we cut open the balloons and showed the children the contents of each balloon. They were so thrilled to finally see if their guesses were right. Jazlyn shared her ideas. She said, "I knew it was pom poms but decided to call them "Cotton balls." Makenna offered a suggestion to the children. She thinks we should mix all the balloons up after opening them and explore all the different textures together. We were so pleased with the children's explorations and discussion about the sensory balloons. We are going to refill the balloons and add them to the science centre for any further investigations the children may create.