Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sensory Balloons

Sharing Ideas and Exploring Our Senses

The children were provided with an oppurtunity to explore sensory balloons. The balloons were filled with a variety of materials. Then we presented the balloons to the children with clipboards, pencils and the invitation to guess what was in each balloon. I wrote on the picture frame with a dry erase marker: "What do you feel?" The children were interigued right away. They asked what the frame said and we read it together. I encouraged them to record their guesses as to what was in each balloon. I was so impressed with their eagerness to write down their ideas. We helped them sound out the words to record their guesses and they also helped each other. For several days the children took turns recording their ideas about the sensory balloons. Their work is displayed in the classroom with several of the ancedotes we recorded during this experience. The children still investigate the balloons daily. They are noticing changes in some of the materials that were put in the balloons. Many of the children continue to share their ideas and ask questions about this sensory experience.  We are wondering if they will ask us to open up the balloons and see what is inside. Until then we continue to encourage them to continue to think about and discuss their ideas.