Monday, 23 February 2015

Cork Board Investigations

Purposeful Play with Push Pins

The children have been investigating the cork board for a few weeks now. We placed the cork board on the back of the math and numeracy shelf. Included with the cork board were four tins. Two of the tins have push pins in them and in the remaining two tins are chenille yarn and elastics. I created this invitation for the children to explore and create envisioning the board as a giant geoboard. I hoped that they would not only develop their fine motor skills but also other important learning expectations from the Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten document. It has been that and so much more. Here is a look at some of their explorations.

This is one of the first explorations at the cork board by the children.
Can anyone spy the letter "J" created using push pins?

Claire, Stella and Lily worked together creating this design until they felt they
had covered the entire board. when I asked them to share what their work was
about they said, "It is a celebration for a birthday party."

The girls carefully placed the push pins so that they could stretch the elastics
out between two pins. If the tension on the elastic was not just right they would
move the pin and try again until it was just right. What wonderful problem-solving
and perseverance they displayed. Claire described their work. She said," We are
making connections. Can we sign up for shared learning?" 


Gianmarco, Joshua and Matthew created this design working for most of
play block. As the children have continued their explorations their work has
gained in complexity of the design. As well, they have become more
intentional in the placement of the push pins when creating a design. They are
using both the chenille yarn and elastics together creating shapes and lines
with these materials. We could also observe their careful planning and
problem solving as they worked together on the cork board.

Joshua described their work. He said, "It is a big machine."

Each morning before announcements the children would gather at the
cork board. They either began a new design if the board was empty
or worked on an existing design. The children would discuss their ideas
and how to best use the push pins, chenille yarn and elastics.
On this morning something very exciting happened. The children chose
to only use the push pins and the elastics. Then they began to pluck the
elastics. They were so delighted because they discovered that they
could create a sound. Jaxen shared, "Miss we made music."


Claire, Lauren and Alexis work together during play block on the cork board.
The girls wanted to use all the materials provided in their design until all the
tins were empty.

The girls were so proud of their work. They demonstrated many personal and
social skills as they worked together on their design. We look forward to many
more explorations with the children at the cork board.